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Savannah Post-Conviction Lawyers

Giving You the Second Chance You Deserve

Losing a case at the trial level does not necessarily mean defeat. Your fight for your freedom can continue through exercising your right to appeal.

At Darden Bradley Law Firm, our Savannah post-conviction attorneys assist with:

  • Federal and state appeals: the process of asking a higher court to review the record of a criminal court case to determine if a legal error occurred that impacted the court’s decision
  • Habeas corpus: a petition for the state or federal court to order a jail or prison to release a defendant based on the grounds of unlawful or unconstitutional imprisonment

When you come in for your free consultation, our criminal defense lawyers can review your case to see if you qualify for post-conviction relief. We can then work to develop an effective strategy to get your conviction overturned.

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Overturning Serious Convictions in Savannah, GA

If you have been convicted of a serious crime in either state or federal court, you are facing serious consequences, such as long-term imprisonment and hefty fines. Our Savannah post-conviction attorneys are here to help you obtain post-conviction relief.

We have extensive experience appealing decisions made in all types of criminal cases, including:

Your future is too important to give up fighting now. Turn your post-conviction matter over to our firm so that we can challenge your conviction and sentencing. We can use our more than 45 years of combined experience to make the law work for you.

Contact Darden Bradley Law Firm at (912) 205-5909 today to schedule a free consultation with our Savannah post-conviction attorneys.

Our Commitment to Our Clients 

Experience You Can Trust 
  • Extensive Trial Experience
  • Proven Track Record of Success
  • We Serve Clients in Spanish
  • We Offer Free Consultations
  • Transparent Communication
  • 45+ Years of Combined Experience

Results Matter

Read About Our Clients Wins

  • Charged With Murder Acquitted
  • Charged With Murder Acquitted
  • Child Molestation Reduced Sentence
  • Convicted of Murder Conviction Reversed
  • Facing Two Life Sentences Reduced to 25 Years
  • Home Invasion & Sodomy Reduced To Probation
  • Trafficking Cocaine Acquitted
  • Triple Homicide Acquitted
  • Voluntary Manslaughter Dismissed
  • Voluntary Manslaughter Received 10 Years

Serious Defense for Serious Charges

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