Case Results

  • Acquitted
    Charged With Murder
    State v. Howard: Man acquitted on counts of malice murder and felony murder despite a confession.
  • Acquitted
    Charged With Murder
    State v. Adams: Woman acquitted of murder after killing her husband with an ax while asleep
  • Reduced Sentence
    Child Molestation
    State v. Hall: Man accused of 25 counts of child molestation sentenced to 30 years, 15 to serve.
  • Conviction Reversed
    Convicted of Murder
    State v. Wright: Murder conviction reversed by Georgia Supreme Court
  • Reduced to 25 Years
    Facing Two Life Sentences
    State v. Scott: Man facing two life sentences plus 250 years sentenced to 25 years, 15 years to serve.
  • Reduced To Probation
    Home Invasion & Sodomy
    State v. Lexie: Man found guilty of home invasion and sodomy sentenced to life in prison; re-sentenced to 12 years probation.